Private Wealth Management For Everyone
Using Our Algorithmic-Based Virtual Advisor

This is where we truly set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry: we offer a clear and transparent, easy-to-breakdown pricing model that makes sense. Simply put – it’s easy.


With a flat fee of just .75 percent of assets under management, we make it easy to understand just what you’re paying on any given day.

Compared to a typical Registered Investment Advisor at 1%*, or hedge funds at a chunky 5%**, you’ll not only enjoy transparent fees, but you’ll keep more of your gains in your own pocket where they belong. By the way, we are NOT a hedge fund. Hedge funds are often restricted to large investment amounts and tend to underperform overtime due to very high fees and higher risk investments.

For information about additional ancillary fees charged by our custodian, visit the FAQ page or visit this link.

Why NOT Mutual Funds?
Well, if paying a higher tax rate and confusing fees makes your day, invest in mutual funds. But if you’d rather keep more of your own investments, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are the way to go. Low-cost, tax-efficient, and non-commissioned, ETFs allow you to invest in as little as just one share. Using our algorithm-based investment advisor, we employ those efficient ETFs, thus avoiding the higher costs and restrictions generally attributed to mutual funds.

Though there’s not much more to know other than the fact that we only charge a flat rate of just .75 percent, we do understand if you have additional questions about our revolutionary approach to investing and encourage you to view our frequently asked questions for answers to your questions. We’re happy to help you discover the benefits of working with an investment management company that cares.

What does .75% actually look like?


Fee Comparison Disclosure

* Typical RIA (Registered Investment Advisor): 1% = RIA in a Box study used detailed survey responses from 1,198 advisory firms paired with publicly accessible data provided on the Securities and Exchange (SEC) website
** Hedge Funds: 5% = 2% Management Fee, 20% Performance Fee assumes a 10% fund performance, 1% Fund of Funds Fee

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