“In an industry formerly predicated on you NOT understanding the language, we stand apart.”

We offer a clear and transparent pricing model that makes sense. Simply put – it’s easy.

Pricing 0.75%

With a flat fee of just 0.75% percent of assets under management, we make it easy to understand just what you’re paying.

Compared to a typical Registered Investment Advisor at 1%*, or hedge funds at a chunky 5%**, you’ll not only enjoy transparent fees, but you’ll keep more of your gains in your own pocket where they belong. By the way, we are NOT a hedge fund which are often restricted to large investment amounts and tend to underperform overtime due to very high fees and higher risk investments.

Why 0.75% and not less?

We are not the cheapest online advisor out there, and for good reason. Pricing our services lower than all other advisors is not a value to our investors. In fact, we see it as a limiting belief. If you want a standard Modern Portfolio Theory model, you shouldn’t pay ANY advisory fees. You get what you pay for.

What does 0.75% actually look like?


Fee Comparison Disclosure

* Typical RIA (Registered Investment Advisor): 1% = RIA in a Box study used detailed survey responses from 1,198 advisory firms paired with publicly accessible data provided on the Securities and Exchange (SEC) website
** Hedge Funds: 5% = 2% Management Fee, 20% Performance Fee assumes a 10% fund performance, 1% Fund of Funds Fee

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